Effective Uses of Dog Treats

Dogs are some of the most important things in the lives of most dog owners. The best way to reward your dog is to provide it with dog treats regularly. It is important to note that different dog treats are used for different situations. Therefore, to keep your dog alert and satisfied, you should learn to give it the correct treats in the right situation. Read further to learn more



The best treats when training your dogs are small treats that it can chew easily and swallow quickly. Some behavioral evidence suggests that the size of the treats that you give to your dog does not matter. A reward for learning a trick will always be a trick. Therefore, you do not need to fill up your dog fast because the size of a treat does not affect the ability of the dog to learn a trick. Small treats enable you to train your dog for longer and the more you train your dog, the more it will remember the tricks.



Dogs are often easily distracted by objects in the distance such as loud walkers, other dogs or bikers. If your dog is easily distracted, you can prevent the distraction by providing them with a treat. Ensure that the treat distracts the dog long enough until it ignores whatever is attracting its attention. This, therefore, means that you will need larger treats that will take a relatively long time to chew. The best for this kind of treat is large cookies since they break off into large piece and this means that they do will take a longer time to finish eating. As such, the source of distraction will have passed before your dog finish chewing the treat.


Crate training

The smell of the treat is more important than the treat itself in crate training. Dogs should have specific treat which is as they go to the crate. The most effective treats are the ones which have a very strong smell since your dog will learn to associate the smell with going to the crate and as such, they will go on their own when they smell the treat or go with very little coercion.


For no reason at all

It is important to give your dog a treat for just being your dog. This will be a bonus for putting up with all your human annoyance. Any treats can work for this purpose, but meaty ones are the real deal since they are the most delicious treats. These kinds of treats should be given once in a while since meaty treats are not the best for your dog. To get started, click here


If you are curious about how dog treats are made, check out http://www.ehow.com/how_2049102_make-dog-treats.html for ideas. 

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